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Chalupská moors

Have you visited the largest peat pond in the Czech Republic yet? You will be rewarded with beautiful views of the romantic nature of Šumava, rich in rare flora.

Chalupská slať is one of the most famous peat bogs in the Šumava National Park. You can find it near the village of Borová lada (1.5 km), in the valley of the Vydří Creek, and you can take a walk here along the wooden post-war pavement.

The peat bog is located at 910 meters above sea level and is part of a nature trail. It boasts the largest peat bog in the Czech Republic, with an area of ​​137 hectares, which is also decorated with floating islands. According to the Šumava National Park Administration, the average depth of peat is 1.9 m, while the biggest depth near the pond in the intact part of the bog reaches 7 m. The trail includes a viewing platform that offers beautiful views of the romantic Šumava countryside.

Chalupská slať is listed as a natural monument Borová Lada. The nature trail leading to the moors is only available for pedestrians, cyclists are not allowed to enter, however, they can leave their bikes in the stands at the information center nearby.