Naši jedli kaši- zážitkový park Zeměráj

Come learn more about cooking in the early Middle Ages.

During a visit to a Czech rural household in the early Middle Ages, we get acquainted with the daily activities of man and his influence on the changes in the landscape. We know the ways of obtaining and preparing food, preparing period meals, using various tools and the need for division of labor. We will look at period gardens and fields, old varieties of crops and fruit trees, we will learn about their use and importance. We will try grinding grain on a hand grinder, preparing porridge, dough and baking cakes and meat in a period way. We will penetrate the world of special tastes of our ancestors. We find that the basis of their daily diet was porridge - cereals, legumes, fruit and meat, green, white and black. In addition to porridge, there was also roast meat, roasted grain and other delicacies. In addition, we will verify the acquired knowledge about early medieval food preparation by solving fun tasks and questions.

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