Muzejní noc - Ptáci

This year's museum night is dedicated to our feathered friends - birds. Spring is the time of birds, so we decided to prepare a program for museum visitors, which will introduce large and small nature lovers to this beautiful ornament of our nature. Birds have inhabited our planet for 150 million years and during that time they have evolved into countless species and forms. In the Czech Republic, about 200 species of birds nest and each is different. To survive in nature, they have developed a number of unique and often curious strategies for obtaining food, attracting a partner or raising young. Some of them are remarkably clever - for example, do you know that an ordinary pigeon can be seen in a mirror? If you want to learn more about the colorful world of birds, then don't forget to visit our museum night. You will learn a lot of interesting things from the bird world, you will find out how birds help people and the landscape, how to recognize our common but also less common species, and how to properly feed birds in winter. You can test your knowledge in fun quizzes and games. The museum night also includes an exhibition of museum exhibits with a bird theme and an accompanying lecturer program with a walk for primary and secondary school pupils.

We look forward to seeing you.

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