Mezinárodní den památek

Also this year, České Budějovice with its program will participate in the International Day of Remembrance, which is scheduled for Saturday, June 12, 2021 . This year's edition will be subtitled "Guilds and Crafts of the Royal City of České Budějovice Across the Centuries ".


The sale of free tickets will start on 31 May 2021 on the CBsystem city reservation portal

More information on individual events here.

I.Commented tours

  1. Českobudějovická radnice
  2. Water reservoir tower
  3. Guided tour of the Dominican monastery - Ing. Jiří Míchal
  4. Guided tour of the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary - Lukáš Auracián Petrželka


  1. "Guilds and crafts in archival sources" - PhDr. Daniel Kovář
  2. "České Budějovice Photo Studios" - Milan Binder
  3. "České Budějovice bells of the Perner family" - Ing. Jiří Fošum

III. "Crosswise with the conservationist"

  1. Guilds, communities, crafts "- Ing. Jan Schinko
  2. "Artists of Old Budejovice - Obenstein, Dutzmann, Greilinger" - Mgr. Hynek Látal, Ph.D.
  3. "Houses with the right to brew" - PhDr. Ivo Hajn
  4. "Sculptor Josef Dietrich and stonemason Zachary Horn" - Tomas Hobizal

IV. Program for families with children

  1. Wandering history for families with children - Mgr. Ladislav Švadlena
  2. "Talking about a dog and a cat" - BosoNoha playground
  3. Guided sightseeing cruises around Malša with Vojtěch Lanna
  4. Experiment or full steam ahead! - Steam engine crafts

V. Freely accessible objects

  1. South Bohemian Museum in České Budějovice - exhibition exposition
  2. Atelier Marketerie - NELLA GALERY - examples of marquetry
  3. Rabenstein Tower
  4. Bishop's Garden
  5. Iron Maiden Tower
  6. Polygonal bastion
  7. Church of the Holy Family
  8. Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

Current information about the program, , Tourist Information Center nám. Přemysla Ot. II., Tel. 386 801 413

Change of programme is reserved!

Organizer: Department of Monument Care of the City of České Budějovice Topic and realization: Miroslav Mareš Culture Agency-Contact

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