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E-bikes restrictions on the Šumava cycling trails

Do you know the rules for e-bikes in the Šumava National Park?

This summer season, some restrictions began to apply for riding on electric bicycles and electric scooters on all cycling trails in the Šumava National Park. If you fail to comply with the rules, you may be fined up to ten thousand crowns.

In recent years, electric bicycles and electric scooters have been very popular. Some of these e-vehicles are already relatively strong and can develop considerable speed.

With increasing traffic on cycling trails, there are also tourists who threaten other participants with their undisciplined and fast ride. Compliance with the rules is monitored by park guards, who can also impose fines. 

Rules for cycling and cycling trails: 

  • construction speed of electric drive up to 25 km / h
  • the power not exceeding 1 kilowatt
  • the vehicle is mainly driven by human power by stepping or bouncing

The park administration intends to tighten controls on the basis of incidents where tourists have not respected the guardians' agreement. Unfortunately, some rental companies also offer machines that are not allowed in the Šumava National Park. Therefore, you should always check the technical details of the machine you borrow, so that you do not pay for your ignorance.