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Zelčín Zoopark

Small zoo keeping mainly domestic and farm animals.

You will find mainly goats, sheep, pigs, cows, chickens, geese, rabbits, and cats in the zoopark. However, there are also exotic species such as ferrets, guinea pigs, ostriches emu. You can experience direct contact with all the local animals, they can be fed granules from the vending machines, or you can go for a walk with a goat on a leash. These extraordinary attractions are aimed primarily at small visitors.

In addition, visitors learn how to care for pets and what to feed them. The pride of the zoopark is the Fjord horses, a breed reminiscent of the Przewalski horse or an ice age horse. Those who really like horses can try a ride in the saddle or in the carriage. Disabled visitors can also ride on horseback as part of hippotherapy.

Gastronomic services on site are provided by the local inn.

The entire area is wheelchair accessible. Dogs are not allowed.