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Unconventional Weaving Mill "Na vlně"

Wonderfully creative weaving mill, where you can enjoy the whole day.

In the foothills of Šumava, in the village of Bošice, you will find a magical place where llamas, sheep and goats graze in the meadow, and various wool products are created next door. The local weaving mill is even a sheltered workshop.

The weaving mill is an ideal stop for families with children, schools, kindergartens and individuals.

Tour of the farm and weaving mill

A tour about 2 hours long begins with a walk to a 400 m distant farm where sheep are grazed, whose wool is used in the weaving mill.

Next, you will go to the weaving mill, where you can try to comb wool, tread on a spinning wheel, and pull the weft needle on a loom.

Events and courses

The weaving mill also organizes various events, such as an afternoon for fun with children, and one-day workshops where you can create your own piece of art.

Course visitors can learn about the traditional processing of raw wool, which involves washing, combing, dyeing, spinning, weaving and felting.