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Town of Sedlčany

Beautifully repaired town of Sedlčany set in a picturesque landscape.

The town of Sedlčany was originally owned by the Rosenbergs, and in the 16th century it was taken over by the renowned fishpond owner Jakub Krčín. The most valuable monument is the Church of St. Martin and the newly renovated square. The cultural events in Sedlčany are really colorful. You can find here a city cinema or a museum, which, on the basis of Suk's Hall, introduces the famous violinist from the neighborhood, Josef Suk. Theater performances and concerts are also often held in the Josef Suk's Cultural House. Another interesting activity may be observation of stars from the observatory of Josef Sadil.

The town is surrounded by forests with numerous rocks and have a lot to offer - Neo-gothic castle Červený Hrádek or the Chateau Radíč are not far.

ROSA Town Festival - a celebration with the tradition reaching back to the 17th century. The festivities always take place in June. You can look forward to historical fencing, competitions for children, various singing and theater performances and much more.