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Sightseeing cruises from České Budějovice

All-day relaxing trip on a steamboat.

From Lanna Shipyard in České Budějovice, cruise ships leave Hluboká via Purkarec and back.

From České Budějovice you will sail to the port in České Vrbné, where the boat will land at a unique area with a lifting bridge and a lock chamber, which will surpass the elevation of 7.5 meters.

Gradually, you will approach the pearl of South Bohemia - the white-washed Hluboká Castle with a unique romantic appearance in the spirit of Windsor Neo-Gothic architecture. The boat will reach the harbor in Hluboká nad Vltavou, where regular boatlines run more frequently than from České Budějovice.

Past Hluboká, you will enjoy the extraordinarily charming landscape of the ten-kilometer Poněšice Gorge with a natural reserve. On the left bank you can see the Old Castle Enclosure and the right one the Poněšice Enclosure.

In the scenic Purkarec at the end of the trip you can visit the Rafting Museum or, within a 20-minute walk, the Charles Castle.

If you want to complete the whole trip from České Budějovice to Purkarec and back in a single day, it is possible, but unfortunately you will not have enough time to visit Purkarec. If you want more time in Purkarec, you need to skip the České Budějovice - Hluboká section and take the morning boat from Hluboká nad Vltavou.