Prague ZOO

Go and see animals in the largest Czech zoo.

The history of the zoo dates back to 1881. During that time a huge zoo was built here, which now has over 5000 individuals and nearly 700 species of animals. The mission of the zoo is not only to show animals and educate the public, but also to protect and breed endangered species.

In the whole area you will find 12 pavilions with a focus on various exotic animals. The most popular animal species certainly include elephants, gorillas, sea lions or polar bears.

The zoo also organizes animal shows and many animals are trained. Why do you need training when they're wild animals?Simply to make them easier to deal with, especially when treated by a vet, etc. Another advantage of training is that animals in the paddocks are not bored and learning is an enjoyable experience for them.

Other interesting activities in the zoo include guided evening tours, commented animals feeding, and more.