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Písek Municipal Power Station

The oldest hydroelectric power plant in the Czech Republic.

The power plant in Písek was established in 1887 after an electric lighting test performed by František Křižík throughout the town. At that time, Písek was one of the first towns with stable electric lighting. The power plant was built in the then Podskalský mill and in the beginning, there was a drive with water wheels. We can find it in the list of cultural monuments because it works as the oldest public hydroelectric power station in Bohemia.

The power plant underwent a thorough refurbishment in 1997, and as part of the celebration of the first light bulb in Písek, visitors were given the first look at an old facility that is still in use today. The museum boasts well-preserved technical equipment and you can explore the water engines and the exposition, familiarizing with the lighting of the town.

Photo source: Donald Judge, (CC BY 2.0)