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Lanna is not just a café, it will offer you much more than just coffee.

Lanna Café belongs to the Lanna concept, which offers many other services and activities for its customers. The café stands on the embankment of the Vltava River. A children's playground with play elements for even the smallest children is built outside the café. Both the café and the playground are wheelchair accessible. The café is named after Vojtěch Lanna, industrialist and patron of České Budějovice.

What can you look forward to?

Grill - in the café you can borrow a grill, bring your own ingredients and start a barbecue. For a barbecue, there is a private seating area in the café garden.

The Captain's Office - a place on the second floor of the café ideal for private events such as business meetings, private parties or romantic evenings, where no one will be disturbed.

Picnic - Do not worry about preparing a picnic basket. The staff of the café will prepare a picnic basket full of goodies to your liking and you will also get a blanket.

Bike rental - If you do not want to sit in the café any longer, you can go exploring the beautiful places along the Vltava by bike, in-line skating or with Nordic walking sticks. All this is available at the café. If you are attracted by the water, you can rent a motor boat, which will be landed directly at the dock under the café.

Movie Theater - Come and see the good old movies which are shown in the garden of the café during the warm summer days.

Accommodation - exquisite accommodation in a double room with a beautiful view and a stylish outdoor terrace.