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Krčín's Stronghold

Monument from the times of the renowned fishpond builder Jakub Krčín.

Krčín's Stronghold was built in Křepenice by Jakub Krčín, a well-known fishmonger who earned the Sedlčany estate for his services to the Rosenbergs. The wall, two gates, three corner bastion formations have been preserved to this day, as well as the central palace, where remains of original wall paintings with mythical themes can be found.

Jakub Krčín bought the village of Křepenice in 1580 and allegedly used the water fortress in the Renaissance style for alchemy. A long bridge leads to the fortress, which used to be a farm building, and there used to be a drawbridge in before.

Now the property is privately owned, so it can be visited by agreement with the owners. The new owners are organizing reconstruction and an opening of the Krčín Museum is planned in the future.