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Chateau Veltrusy

Beautiful Rococo castle from the 18th century.

The construction of the Baroque chateau in Veltrusy began in the 1820s at the request of Count Václav Antonín Chotek, who married Maria Theresa of Scheidler, the original owner of the estate. The one-storey X-shaped building exceeds the central circular space above the salla terrena by another floor.

In the second half of the 18th century, the chateau interiors were given today's Rococo look. The front of the chateau is decorated with a two-sided staircase with Baroque sculptures. The court of honor is closed by a fence with allegorical statues of the months and seasons from the workshop of the most important Czech Baroque sculptor Matthias Bernard Braun. The entire complex of chateau buildings is incorporated into a landscaped park. The history of Veltrusy Chateau also includes an event of country significance: in 1754, the then owner, Count Chotek, organized the first economic fair in the Czech lands - the Great Market of Czech Kingdom Goods.