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Chateau Liblice

Picturesque chateau near Mělník.

Chateau Libice, which is one of the most enchanting monuments of the Czech Baroque, was designed in 1699 by the Italian architect Giovanni Battista Alliprandi at the initiative of the owner of the estate, Arnošt Pachta, from Rájov.

Today it belongs to the Czech Academy of Sciences and serves as a hotel and conference center. You can see its successful reconstruction during a tour of the chateau. You can also visit the chateau restaurant or wellness facilities.

There is a chateau park next to the chateau, partly designed as an English park and partly as a French garden with a pond, very suitable for walks. The park is followed by a chateau forest preserve with a rare peat meadow, and the whole area is interlaced with nature trails.

You can also rent bicycles to explore the local bike paths, or just the park.