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Chateau Dub

Neo-Gothic chateau surrounded by an exotic park.

The Dub Castle is located in a village of the same name, 10 km from Prachatice. The first mention dates back to 1274, at that time Dub was a fortress, then a castle, and finally a chateau.

This neo-gothic castle is beautifully restored and the road to it leads through a park with exotic woods. We are greeted by a view of the four-winged building with its entrance tower and a small courtyard. In the castle you will find a few unique works of art - carpet tiles with the theme of the Greek meander in the kitchen, and a unique piano.

The chateau gallery has been opened since 2004, and the exhibited works are regularly changed. The castle also hosts weddings and various cultural events.

Zdroj fotky: János Korom (CC BY-SA 2.0)