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Husinec - the hometown of Jan Hus

The town full of monuments, where Jan Hus was born.

In 1291 the first mention of the village Husinec appeared, and in 1369 the famous Jan Hus was born here. The historic town center became an urban conservation area in 2003 and currently has a population of 1,400. A popular event in Husinec is Hus's celebrations, which have been a tradition since 1869.

What can you visit? 

  • The birthplace of Jan Hus
  • The Ludwig Friedberg Observatory
  • Husinec Dam
  • Parish church
  • The birthplace and studio of Josef Krejsa

The birthplace of Jan Hus
In the house, there is a multimedia exposition for visitors, which describes the life and work of Jan Hus. Exhibitions, concerts, courses and workshops are also held in the birth house. 

Photo source: Chmee2  (CC BY-SA 3.0), StaraBlazkova (CC BY-SA 3.0)