Charles Bridge

The oldest bridge over the Vltava.

Charles Bridge was founded by Charles IV. in 1357 and is therefore the oldest bridge over the Vltava. It was built of sandstone blocks and is almost 516 meters long and 9.5 meters wide. The bridge boasts Baroque statues of thirty saints created by Matyáš Braun and Jan Brokof.

During the year there is a lively tourist traffic on the bridge and street artists or stalls with various souvenirs can be seen on the sides. 

Tip: Walk down Charles Bridge after dark. It has several advantages. You will not have fight your way through a crowd of people, and you will be able to enjoy the beautifully lit night Prague. And if you manage to catch the sunset, you can also take beautiful photos.

Charles Bridge is not the first bridge in this place. First, there was only a crossing over bound logs. A wooden bridge stood here in the 10th century, but it did not resist the onslaught of high water. In 1170 Vladislav I. had a stone bridge built that was named after his wife Judith.

The Judith Bridge stood here until 1342. That year it was destroyed by floods and in 1357 the foundation stone of a new bridge was laid, this time Charles Bridge. The bridge was not completed until the early 15th century. Its construction was made difficult by floods and the bridge under construction was damaged several times. Until 1965 it was possible to cross the bridge with a passenger car.