Český Krumlov

Town of landmarks, sights, and art.

The first mention of Český Krumlov dates back to 1253, where Krumlov was known as Chrumbenowe. The later name Krumlov was derived from the German "Krumme Aue", which means crooked meadow. The Krumlov area was already inhabited in the Stone Age. There were routes along the watercourse that later became commercial. From the original settlements gradually became a town.

Today, Český Krumlov boasts a truly large number of monuments and a beautiful historic center. Krumlov is also connected with various cultural and artistic events.


Guided town tours take place almost daily and in several languages. The tour can also be ordered according to the needs of a particular group. Evening tours or various thematic tours such as In the Footsteps of Ghosts, etc. are also on offer.

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