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Blaník and the Klácelka Cave - Sandstone Sculptures by Václav Levý

World of rocks with Czech characters and fables.

The artificial cave of Klácelka was created by the sculptor Václav Levý in 1845. Sculptures of animals from the fables of F. M. Klácel, Hussite heroes and dwarves were thus created. The figures from Czech history are in the first part of the cave (Jan Žižka, sleeping Blanice army) and in the second part, we can find a beautifully decorated portal, stone benches and reliefs from a fable that depicts human weaknesses. The blue trail from Liběchov (2 km) or a shorter trip from Želízy (1 km) can take tourists right to this place.

Photo source: Petr1868 (CC BY-SA 3.0), Petr1868, (CC BY-SA 3.0)