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To the viewpoints Máj and Bednář

Medium difficulty route for those who are not afraid of heights.

You can visit the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Vysoký Újezd, where the route starts. The church is a natural monument because from April to September, there is a colony of a critically endangered bat in the church.

Follow the blue trail to the Pexův luh crossroads, from where you will continue along the valley of the Třeblová stream along the yellow trail.

When you reach the mouth of the Teletínský Creek, the yellow mark will continue upstream. Local people built a series of flood control dikes with small and larger waterfalls. Not far from the mouth of the Teletínský Creek you will find more than 6 meters long slide and not far above it, a 2.5 meters high Teletín Waterfall.

Then go through the village of Teletín to the first viewpoint named Bednář with a beautiful view of the Vltava River, and a white cross.

Within 1.6 km you will reach the second, perhaps even more magnificent, viewpoint – Máj nad Bílými kameny. Your eyes will rest on a deep rocky canyon through which the river flows, creating a shape of a horseshoe.

The return journey takes almost the same route, but you can also take a bus from Teletín to Vysoký Újezd.