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Sailing with Catamaran at Lipno

Put up the sails the sails and discover Lipno in an unusual way.

Would you like to try something unusual? Rent a catamaran in Hůrka and sail across the Lipno reservoir without effort, only using natural forces. Ideal activity for a family or group of 2-6 people on a hot summer day with moderate wind.

Check the wind forecast before heading out (eg. Windguru or Windy). While there are paddles in the non-motorized catamaran, it will be easier to go on a rowboat than on a catamaran in windless conditions. On the other hand, strong wind and waves can turn idyl into a struggle for survival. The ideal wind speed for beginners is about 4-10 knots (2-5 m/s).

Sail from Hůrka towards Tajvan. However, you must not enter it because it has been declared a strictly protected nature reserve with waterfowl and small rare fauna. You can dock on the neighboring island called Little Tajvan, the size of 60x50 m.

After visiting Little Tajvan, you can head to Jestřábí Beach and refresh yourself.

Remember that the wind often silences in the evening, so make sure you set off on time so you don't have to paddle all the way back to Hůrka. But if "it blows", nothing prevents you from crossing Lipno from one bank to the other.