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Prelate road to the Křížová hora (Cross Mountain)

A short nature trail through a beautiful forest and ending with a magnificent view.

From Český Krumlov town center, you will go up to Hornobranský Pond and then above the cottage area. The long climb will reward you with beautiful views of the town and the Kleť Mountain.

At the end of the cottage settlement you go up through the bushes, which separates the two meadows. There is a path of a newly built nature trail hacked out in the bushes. This route also includes a part of the old prelate path that led from Krumlov to Drahoslavice. On the nature trail you will find several benches and small sacral objects.

When you reach the blue sign, you can either take it to the right towards Český Krumlov and shorten your route, or continue along the route to the left towards the village of Přídolí. We recommend the second option because you will enjoy a stroll through the magnificent Prelate Forest.

On the Křížová Mountain at the end of the route, you can enjoy the magnificent view of Český Krumlov nestled between the wooded hills below the Kleť Mountain. A journey down to the town will take you past several Stations of the Cross.