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Nature Trail Drbákov - Albert Rocks

Educational nature trail in a national nature reserve with challenging terrain.

The route starts in the parking lot right by the national nature reserve Drbákov - Albert Rocks. The trail follows a rocky cliff high above the river, narrow paths, steps and ledges with chains. Descents are followed with ascents. We can recommend it to more experienced tourists. Under snow or ice, the trail can be quite dangerous.

However, you will be rewarded with many beautiful views of the Vltava River and the White (Albert) Rocks.

Drbákov - Albert Rocks Nature Reserve

The route is also lined with eleven educational boards dealing with the surrounding nature and history.

You will learn about the natural communities of rocky cliffs and scree slopes, the local flora like red yew, oak-hornbeam groves, rocky steppe and rare and endangered animals such as eagle owl or sparrowhawk. You will also see a green lizard or a smooth snake here.