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Kokořín circuit for the whole family

A trip through beautiful nature; suitable for children.

The starting point of the route is in the town of Mšeno at the railway station. First you follow red tourist signs, which will take you through the town, then turn to the yellow signs on the so-called Cinibulka trail and at the signpost Mšeno - swimming pool, to the blue ones. The forest starts here, and, along with it, the Kokořínský důl Nature Reserve. Right from the start, the path is lined with caves and natural formations. There are mainly sandstone rocks. In about 2.5 kilometers you will find the remains of a natural theater, and a short distance from there, the Jan Hus Memorial.

At the signpost Na Rovinách-háj., go down the Cinibulka trail again. You can choose to stay on the trail since it also leads back to Mšeno. But our route continues along the green tourist sings from the signpost Faraon, and later again along the blue signs back to Mšeno.

Other rock formations you will encounter are, for example, Giant Head and Frog, Intersection Rock, or Pharaoh. They got their names rightly; if you look at the rocks, you really see a frog or a giant head.