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Karel Čapek's Educational Trail

Educational trail not only about the stay of writer and journalist Karel Čapek, but also about the history of the local metallurgical production.

The nature trail begins near the memorial of Karel Čapek. Along the whole path, you will be accompanied by the orange Dášeňka (a dog from Čapek's book) pictogram.

Educational boards on the route will introduce you to the history of the local metallurgical production, showing the places where the processing workshops once stood. Another topic is the history of the Kocába River and the flora and fauna of the individual habitats. Educational boards are interactive and there are tasks for children, a worksheet for the trail can be picked up in the building of the Karel Čapek Memorial, or downloaded from the website.

There are a total of 10 stops along the route, which mostly follow a paved road. It is also possible to walk the route with the stroller, but in rainy weather some sections may be quite difficult to reach.

List of the stops: 

  1. Let's walk Karel Čapek's path together; Step with obelisk
  2. Production of iron in Stará Huť; Strž Pond
  3. Zájezek; Amphibians
  4. Forest and mushrooms, Black fir
  5. Kocába; Meanders
  6. Crossroads; History
  7. The fourth iron mill, iron production; Overgrowing of the landscape
  8. Plechhamr; Mědihamr
  9. Francouzka Meadow; Melioration
  10. Important personalities of Stará Huť; U Pěti lip