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From Volary via Jedlová to Soumarský most

Hike to Mount Jedlová ending with a walk through Soumarský peat bog.

We recommend buying snacks in Volary because there are no snack bars or shops on the route. Before the hike, you can see the local Alpine architecture, the Jewish cemetery or the church.

Right after Volary, you will go to the U Dvou Líp hill with 11 thousand-year-old menhirs. Here you can relax for a while and soak up the Celtic atmosphere.

The road to Jedlová hora (1089 m above sea level) does not follow the tourist trail, but you will certainly be pleased by the presence of a log cabin and the geodetic point on the top.

Along the way to the Soumarský Bridge, you will pass the defunct Stögrova Huť. There used to be a sawmill and a mill in it, but the settlement was expelled from 1945 until it disappeared in 1960.

At Soumarský bridge you can either take a bus or train back to Volary. But if you haven't been to Soumarský peat bog yet, it's definitely worth a visit.