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Beer Trail - Route 6

From Třeboň to Žumberk past the ponds.

This beer trip starts in the spa town of Třeboň and will lead you past dozens of fairy-tale ponds and interesting places to the Žumberk village, from which you can take a bus back. The route is easy and a little over 32 km long.

Breweries on the route

1. Bohemia Regent Brewery

The Třeboň brewery was founded in 1379, and the oldest brewing facility was owned by the Augustinian monastic canon in 1367. It boasts a truly long tradition.

Produced beers: light draft, light lager, dark lager, dark flavored lager, semi-dark lager, organic top fermented rye beer, light special, non-alcoholic beer, non-alcoholic flavored beer, Cola.

✓ Guided tour option

2. Jílovice Brewery

It was launched in June 2015. High-quality water from the Novohradské foothills, rich malt and hop granulate from Czech hops are used for the beer production.

Produced beers: light unfiltered draft beer, light unfiltered lager, semi-dark unfiltered special (seasonal only).

✓ Guided tour option

3. Žumberk Brewery

The Žumberk microbrewery produces delicious home-made beer, which is prepared by the traditional handmade method using two mashes. For the production of beer, the finest raw materials are used – malt from Haná, Žatec hops and boiling water from springs.

Produced beers: light lager, semi-dark special, dark special, light special, semi-dark Christmas special (seasonal only).

✗ No commented tour available

Breweries off the route

There is one more brewery in the neighborhood of the beer route and it is entirely up to you to decide whether or not to include it in your trip.

  • Castle Brewery Český Rudolec

This brewery is relatively far from our beer route. If you decide to extend your trip, we recommend using a bus.