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Barrandov Rocks Educational Trail - Chuchle Grove

Educational trail with a stop in a zoo-corner, also suitable for children.

The trail starts near the Barrandov Bridge. On the 14 information boards on the trail, you can read about the local natural sights and history. Along the way you will pass the former Chuchle Spa, the Zoo-corner and the Church of St. John of Nepomuk with Baroque furniture and original sculptures from 1729.

Zoo-corner Malá Chuchle

In the forest zoo-corner in Malá Chuchle you can meet various representatives of Czech and world nature face to face. Its inhabitants include European deer, wild boar, Eurasian lynx, red fox, eagle owl, raccoon dog, European coypu or mink. Younger children can also have fun in the playground.

Please, if you want to feed the animals, never do it without the consent of the staff. What is tasty for humans can be lethal to the animal.

The zoo-corner is open all day throughout the year. There are also snack bars which are open in good weather.