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Výběr z tvorby od 80. let 20. století do současnosti v AJG

In the work of Heide Warlamis, especially in her large-format sculptures of heads, the process of transforming the real world into a world of ideas repeatedly takes place. In her imaginary museum, we find a synthesis of artistic elements from various civilizations across all historical periods. Her cosmopolitan work, which transcends human epochs, is characterized by a casually playful yet carefully considered combination of diverse forms from all cultural archives. She loves Greek mythology as well as African tribal art, she is interested in sculpture from the beginning of history as well as Brancusi, Giacometti or Moore. He tirelessly collects holographic images that radiate love and happiness and transforms them into visible and tangible sculptures of ideas full of sensual physical presence in his works. At the same time, her works represent condensed monuments to the dignity of all living things.

Internationally recognized sculptor and designer Heide Warlamis lives and works in Austria. She is world famous especially for her designer porcelain, which is produced in her own porcelain factory under the brand name "Vienna Collection" and sold all over the world.
Together with her husband, the versatile artist Makis Warlamis, who died in 2016, Heide founded the International Design Center in Schrems, Austria, in 1992. In 2009, she and her husband jointly opened the Waldviertel Art Museum with an extensive sculpture park, which is directly connected to the Design Center.

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