Evropské dny archeologie a Oslava slunovratu v Kovářově

As part of this prestigious international event, we will introduce archeology as an important scientific field, including examples of archaeological finds, and acquaint us with the specific work of an archaeologist and the need to protect the archaeological heritage.

As part of the interactive program, visitors, equipped with archaeological work aids and tools, can search for artifacts in a simulated archeological site, assemble "broken" vessels and a wooden log house, document archaeological objects, get acquainted with selected archaeological finds, burial in the early Middle Ages on a skeletal model. grave and the principles of settlement of the area using a landscape model, participate in a "skill ride" with building wheels, decorate your own ceramic vessel with prehistoric ornaments or make a clay amulet according to prehistoric patterns from a unique South Bohemian site in Burkovák near Nemějice and get to know other archeologically interesting sites in around Zeměráje. The event also includes a scenic interpretation of the life of the inhabitants of an early medieval village in the Zemraské Archaeological Museum, enriched by a period celebration of the Midsummer Feast. We weave wreaths, drive out evil forces, bake pancakes and make offerings, hand them over to the forces of nature in the sanctuary, and secure their favor for the next year. We dance to the beat of drums and summon enough light by lighting a ceremonial fire. The event is implemented with the financial support of the South Bohemian Region.

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