Betonový Písek

Curators Jan Kouba and Bohumír Bernášek looked into the past of the Josef Vlk cement factory . It was founded on the site of today's Jih housing estate in 1899 and changed the face of the city with its cement and fireclay products. Few new buildings from the beginning of the 20th century did without tiles, pipes, tiles or artificial marble produced by entrepreneurs Josef Vlko and Karel Hostomský. The exhibition presents preserved unique photographs from J. Vlk's descendants and contemporary images of places where the company's products are still found today. It is, for example, the fence at the tobacco factory, a series of paving stones in the local apartment buildings or Vlkova's factory villa Anuša on the corner of Nádražní and Truhlářské streets, which is actually a kind of company catalog. The exhibition Betonový Písek, or the entrepreneur Vlk and his factory, will be on display in the Library Corridor until April 21.

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