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Zeměráj - Paradise for children

Adventure park for the whole family.

The unique archaeological park is situated on an area of ​​9 hectares near the Orlík dam. The whole park is in the style of an early medieval village, where children, through their active participation, will find out what the life of the peasants in the Middle Ages was like. Zeměráj is not just an ordinary park, there are also pets. After all, what sort of countryside would it be without animals.

The uniqueness is evidenced by the award in the nationwide competition in the category 1000% Experience for the whole family.

What activities are waiting for you?  

  • pottery, flour grinding
  • puzzle solving
  • archery 
  • archaeological and paleontological site
  • treasure hunt
  • knowledge games
  • maze

...and about a hundred other games and activities

- Every Saturday, there is a program in Zeměráj that will extend your knowledge of the life of our ancestors. The program is always focused on a different theme. na jiné téma. 

Zeměráj has its own currency, Smíšek, real money has no value in this world. 

Adopt a tree 

You can adopt any newly planted young tree in the area, which will then be marked with a sign with your name. The money received for the adoption is used for further planting and for the maintenance of the existing greenery.

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