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With a paddleboard on the Vltava river

Tips for places great for paddleboarding.

For paddleboarding, you need a calmer water surface, it is not a good idea to throw a paddleboard on the wild river. There are places on the Vltava that are more suitable for paddleboards, and there are places where paddleboards are not allowed.

  1. Borová Lada - Nová Pec
    This section is located in a beautiful countryside and invites you for a ride. Unfortunately, however, only canoes and kayaks can be used for this section, while other vessels are not allowed to protect the aquatic animals. In some areas, even going down the river with a canoe or kayak is regulated and charged.
  2. Vodní nádrž Lipno 
    Lipno surface is ideal for paddleboarding. It is possible to park in every village on the Lipno coast. You can board your paddleboard from any beach. If you do not have your own paddleboard, you can borrow it in Lipno nad Vltavou in Lipno Center, in Frymburk on the beach or in Jestřábí camp in Černá v Pošumaví. The whole Lipno reservoir is at your disposal.
  3. České Budějovice a Hluboká nad Vltavou
    In České Budějovice, you can make use of your paddleboard at Lída Polesná's water sports area. It is possible to rent a paddleboard and you can even enroll in lessons. For beginners, there is a starting pool, and for more experienced riders, a slalom in rapids. If you feel like a relaxing ride, we recommend Sports and relaxation area in Hluboká nad Vltavou.
  4. Orlík a Slapy
    Access to water is rather complicated compared to Lipno, the river is lined with high rocky shores. So you can easily get to the water at the Orlík-Castle dock, at Velký Vír, in Podskalí, or in Bory (all of those are also accessible by car). In Slapy Dam, it is a little easier to access the water. And in Skalice, you can rent a paddleboard and go straight on water.
  5. Vrané nad Vltavou - Praha
    A more advanced paddleboard trip. You can get on the board on the bank of Přívoz Strnada. You pass by Zvolská Homole, oppidum Závist or Modřany lagoons. The hardest part is to passing the Modřany weir through a sports pass, where we recommend to kneel. The best way to get back on land is at Vodpočívárna water hut.
  6. Praha
    Podolské waterfront will serve you as a starting point. It is possible to park there. You can rent a paddleboard in the Yacht Club under the Vyšehrad Rock. You can paddle to Jiráskův Bridge and after passing through the weirs (or carrying your board over them) you go as far as Charles Bridge. You can get back on land easily in Suchdol.
  7. Mělník
    You can get to Mělník on a paddleboard, following the Vraňansko-Hořínský canal. You just have carry the paddleboard over the Hořín lock. You can rent a paddleboard in the Zelčín zoopark. Access to the water is not far from the park.