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Trip for a school report

Show your school report at the ticket office and get free entry.

Today the school year ends and children are looking forward to the holidays. Museums and Zoos want to make the end of the year more pleasant for them. They offer discounted admission or even free admission for good grades.

Seeing animals

Prague Zoo has prepared entrance for children for a crown. But it has one catch. Children must have an A from natural science. The offer is valid only on 28 June 2019. You can also see a special weekend program at the Zoo with a demonstration of animal exercise, which begins at 11:30 pm.

A free ticket for an A from the natural science can also be obtained at the Zájezd Zoo Park. They are stricter at the Zoo in Tábor and only children with straight A's have free entry.


To the museum

The Prague City Museum does not deal much with your marks, it is enough to bring a report card, the marks do not matter. The promotion is only valid on June 28. Children have free entry to the museum in Týn nad Vltavou all weekend.

Also at the Chocotopia Museum has free entry for straight A's at the weekend. If the school report is not straight A's, children will get at least something sweet and learn all about the production and history of chocolate.

The Ctěnice Castle Area also welcomes children with free admission. There is a craft collection or a preserved portrait of Emperor Charles VI on the premises.