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The Vltava Audit

Report from the professional meeting of the Vltava Development.

On Friday, May 24, the Vltava Audit took place as part of the Boats on the Vltava Water Festival, where the South Bohemian Tourism Center presented a joint project of the South Bohemian and Central Bohemian Regions "Vltava, a river full of experiences".

At the meeting in Lannova café in České Budějovice was also present the South Bohemian governor Ivana Stráská, her Central Bohemian colleague Jaroslava Pokorná Jermanová, Deputy Minister for Regional Development David Koppitz, Vojtěch Dabrowski from the Ministry of Transport, CEO of the Vltava River Basin Petr Kubala, Director of the State Navigation Administration Klára Němcová, Director of the Central Bohemian Tourism Center (SCCR) Marek Černoch, Deputy Mayor of České Budějovice, Viktor Vojtko, Mayor of Hluboká nad Vltavou and Senator Tomáš Jirsa, Deputy Mayor of Český Krumlov Martin Hák, Czech Parliament Representative Jan Zahradník and representatives of several tourist destinations around the Vltava.

The meeting participants also discussed the economic benefits of navigating the Vltava River throughout its flow. The analysis shows that the return on investment of five billion crowns needed to complete construction works for navigating the Vltava River is five years. JCCR Director Jaromír Polášek added to the analysis of benefits: “Funds invested in tourism development are not consumption but an investment. Given that three quarters of the income from the Vltava goes to the state's public budgets, the state should primarily contribute to these investments through the resources of its ministries."

The investment priorities to be completed within three years include the construction of a port edge in České Budějovice, a lifting bridge in Týn nad Vltavou, the provision of navigation depths under the Kořensko waterworks and the construction of a ship lift at Orlík.

The plan also includes the extension of the Kamýk lock, the construction of the České Budějovice lock and the complete project documentation and permission for the construction of a bicycle path Lipno - České Budějovice along the Vltava River, including the 30 kilometers implemented.

The aim of these investments is the gradual development of the tourist infrastructure and the subsequent increase in the number of visitors along the Vltava river.