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The traditional unlocking of the Vltava river takes place on 13 April this year

The official first pass of the Český Krumlov - Zlatá Koruna section.

The busiest rafting and canoeing season on the Vltava river is usually the period from May to September. Sometimes, e.g. during public holidays at the beginning of July, one has a lot to do to intertwine among other ships and rafts. But did you know that the first daredevils were heading for water in April?

There are few, but they exist. April is usually the first warm month of the year and enthusiastic paddlers are ready to enjoy it without hesitation. Therefore, the fourth month of the year is the time when a traditional river opening is organized on the Vltava. This year it takes place a week before Easter, ie on April 13, 2019.

From Český Krumlov to Zlatá Koruna

Enthusiastic paddlers meet in Český Krumlov every year in April, this year it will be for the eighth time. As usual, the meeting will be held at Camp Krumlov (U Trojice), where the water goblin and his wife will welcome the participants at 10 am. At 11 o'clock, they will unlock the Vltava with a big key, baptize newcomers and set off for a 12 km long route to Zlatá Koruna at about noon.

In the campsite Krumlov the participants will drink for strength before the trip, later they will refill their energy at the stop U Milánka, where they will roast sausages and sing by the fire. The celebrations then continue in the target camp Zlatá Koruna until the morning hours. Singing, good food, ropeways, and especially a bunch of cheerful people are what attracts a large number of locals and tourists every year.

Even beginners can unlock the Vltava

Immediately after unlocking the Vltava, the baptism of newcomers is held, so the event is definitely intended for them, too. All in all, it is a short route with no difficult weirs. The Vltava rushes along the route in light rapids, around the rocks through one weir, which goes down a narrow sports pass. The route is rated by ZW to WW1, meaning standing or weakly flowing water with light rapids.

Did you know that… In total we distinguish 7 levels of boating difficulty, ZW is the lowest and WW1 the second lowest.

And whoever is afraid does not even have to go on water. It is worthwhile even if you just come to see the festive act of unlocking in Český Krumlov.

Rentals and boating buses are already in service

The event is organized by with great support from many paddlers. There is also a boating bus and boat rentals. It is possible to rent a boat for 100 crowns per person on the Vltava Opening, but it is necessary to book it in time. In the morning, the bus goes from České Budějovice through Zlatá Koruna to Český Krumlov, and in the evening at about 17:00 it returns via the same route. Whoever would like to stay overnight can arrange accommodation in tents or in cabins in camps in Zlatá Koruna or in Krumlov. Boat rental CESTA Sports then prepared two packages for Unlocking the Vltava, for a good price you can get a boat or raft, transport and refreshments in one.

Put on warm clothes, book a boat or raft, take your kids or friends and join other paddlers on April 13, 2019 to unlock our most charming river!

Did you know that… Similarly to this event, there is another one in autumn, usually in October. It is a ceremonial Locking of the Vltava River, usually with a similar route.​​​​​​​