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The Orlík Dam is awaiting reconstruction

How will the reconstruction affect the recreation at Orlík?

The reconstruction on the Orlík dam will begin in the second half of this year. It will be the reconstruction of the ship's elevator for small vessels and the construction of a safety spillway. Thanks to the new spillway, the dam should withstand ten-thousand-year water. This would mean that the situation in 2002, when the flood damaged the dam, would not be repeated.

During the reconstruction, the water level will decrease, but the Vltava River Basin spokesman, Hugo Roldán, pointed out that the water level will be lowered in the low season and that the reconstruction should have minimal impact on the recreation.

The restrictions will apply mainly to the road crossing the dam, which will be temporarily closed at different stages of the reconstruction. Exact dates for road closure are not yet known. The Vltava River Basin will always inform about the restrictions in advance.