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Second year of pilgrimage cruise In the footsteps of the Vltava Rafters

Looking back at the cruise to honor the history of rafting.

On Sunday, May 5, the second year of the Pilgrimage of the Vltava Rafters began. This year the voyage was dedicated to raftsmen and also to the noble family of Schwarzenbergs, who supported rafting significantly. The opening ceremony took place at the Penzion Anděl in Purkarec. The cruise was accompanied by the oldest and the last living original rafter Václav Husa, and the Vltavan Purkarec Association. A five-member team led by an Olympic medalist, rower Vaclav Chalupa, set off in the morning.

On the second day, prince Karel Schwarzenberg welcomed the rowers at Orlík Castle.

After the visit, the rowers became cyclists and rode along the Orlice and Slapy dams. On the Štěchovice dam, they boarded their ships again and continued towards Prague.

On the third and last day the rowers visited the Vltavan Davle Association. In the evening, the rowers finally reached the finish point and that was Charles Bridge.