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Prague Zoo will celebrate 88 years since its foundation

At the 88th anniversary of the opening of the zoo, you will be greeted by a very rare parrot - Lear's Ara.

The annual ceremony will take place on Saturday, September 28, from 11 am. The highlight of the festivities will be the opening of the Rákos pavilion with a unique collection of rare parrots from all over the world. The most precious is the Ara Lear's, which was even considered extinct some time ago. As part of the celebrations, you will be able to see the exhibition Taking Photos at the Zoo, consisting of photographs taken by visitors and sent to the competition. The winners will be chosen by the zoo visitors themselves. 


Opening of Rákos pavilion 
10:45 - Musical performance of Children's Choir Osmikvítek
11:00 - A word from the director of Prague Zoo Miroslav Bobek, interviews with guests and a festive ribbon cutting
11:30 - Musical performance of Children's Choir Osmikvítek
12:00 - Grand opening and tour of the pavilion for visitors

Opening of the exhibition Taking Photos at Prague Zoo 
13:00 - Opening of the vernissage and voting on the winner of the competition Taking Photos at Prague Zoo 
13:05 - Interviews with the director of Prague Zoo Miroslav Bobek, organizer of the competition Vít Kahl and other guests
13:15 - Ceremonial cutting of the ribbon
13:20 - Tour of the exhibition for guests, journalists and visitors
Performance by Losers Cirque Company 
13:30 - Opening of the performance of the acrobatic group Losers Cirque Company
13:45 - Workshop for visitors with Losers Cirque Company

Accompanying program of the festivities

Voting on the most beautiful inhabitant of Rákos pavilion 

- The winning species will be announced on the Prague Zoo Facebook profile in the evening

Educational and creative site at Rákos pavilion 

- production of parrot feathers, parrot facepainting, demonstration of parrot feathers, eggs and other interesting things from the life of the inhabitants of the Rákos pavilion, demonstrations of enrichment for parrots, knowledge quiz with rewards for successful solvers

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