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Paddleboard restrictions in Prague

What places to avoid with a paddleboard in the center of Prague?

From August 1, Prague paddleboarders have to be careful about where they want to ride the paddleboard. A new ban on paddleboarding in the center of Prague began to apply. 

Prohibited stretch of the river

The ban concerns the section between the lock chamber at Štvanice and the railway bridge at Výtoň. An exception is the surroundings of Dětský, Střelecký and Slavonic Island. The reason for the restriction is intensive shipping and a large number of ports. Vessels often turn around here, and crisis situations could easily arise. The State Navigation Administration states that paddleboarders are unable to comply with the navigation rules. This puts the safety of all participants at risk.

Restricted sections are clearly marked. Compliance with the ban will be monitored by both the State Navigation Administration and the River Police Department.