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New on the Orlík dam

Aboard a new steamboat!

The surface of the Orlík Reservoir is newly rooted by the reinforcement of the local fleet, the St. Anna ship.

On Tuesday, July 2, a steamboat was launched on the water surface with the original name Angela. The ship comes from Magdeburg, Germany, and reached Mělník on the water. The only risk was the low water level between Magdeburg and Ústí nad Labem. The ship had to be transported on land from Mělník due to a long outage on the Hořín canal. But in the end, the transport of the whole colossus turned out to be excellent.

The steamer has a long history. It first set sail on water in 1951 and then carried tourists for 68 years.

After a successful launch the ship underwent a few more repairs and interior modifications. The capacity is 150 people and snacks can be served on board. Saint Anna has been in operation since July 10.