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Metal seekers flooded Orlik

The drop in the surface of the Orlík Dam attracts treasure hunters.

Due to the planned construction of the boat lift, the Vltava basin had to drop the surface of the reservoir. The water level is now the lowest in the last four years. Last time there was so little water due to extreme drought and lack of precipitation.

An incredible 7 meters dropped from the water surface. Decrease of water level uncovered the bottom, and the banks now offer a beautiful view. Treasure-hunting enthusiasts seized the opportunity and set out on the uncovered shores with the prospect of an interesting catch.

Ship owners are not so excited about the situation. Ships have to be hauled to shore by crane, but due to the low water level, the operation is much more complicated. Some of the ships had turned sideways because of the rapid loss of water and had to be pulled back into the water. Last year, 388 ships were pulled out, and even more is expected this year. 

So do not hesitate and take a beautiful autumn walk along the Orlík banks!