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Letní Letná (Letná Summer) has started

International festival of new circus and theater

On Wednesday, August 14, the 16th Summer Letná Festival started and it was spectacular. The festival was opened by the famous tight-rope walker Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga from the French ensemble Cie Basinga.

The artist presented an incredible show on a 35-meter-long tight-rope at a height of 35 meters. The rope ran from the Faculty of Law across the Vltava River to Letenské Sady. She walked the entire route with live music and no security. She sat on the rope during the crossing, lying down or hanging her head down. Thousands of people watched her performances.

The grand opening continued with another performance in the form of an acrobatic show by the Blackout Paradox, a street performance by Cink The Universe, or an Argentine-Spanish band La Orquesta. The festival hosts four foreign ensembles that will present their new performances.

At the time of the festival there is also an accompanying program where you can learn to juggle or try tight-rope walking, and more.

The festival will last until September 1.

More info at Letní Letná.