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Hot news from the Vltava river

There are significantly fewer paddlers on the river this year.

This year, you have a chance to enjoy canoeing/rafting down the Vltava River on the route between Vyšší Brod and Zlatá Koruna without long queues on the water and crowded campsites. This year the number of paddlers decreased significantly. It is estimated that it may be up to one fifth less than last year.

The difference can be seen mainly in front of weirs, where queues of ships were normally formed, waiting for their turn to go down the weir. This year the queues are also formed, but they are shorter and only at the busiest times. Decrease in the number of people was also registered by camps and stalls with refreshments. Even renters still have enough boats to rent.

The reason for lower traffic is unknown. One reason may be the ever rising prices for boaters or busy times during the season. Many often seek out non-commercial experiences, in the nature and privacy.

The beginnings of canoeing

Going down the river became popular after the Velvet Revolution. Since then, the popularity of the river has grown steeply, and the surroundings of the river have adapted accordingly. Numerous campsites, refreshment stalls and rental shops have been built on the banks. The first refreshment stop, U Fíka, was built in 1989. At that time it was the only refreshment on the 27 km long route from Rožmberk to Český Krumlov.