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Exhibition slalom race for the sixth time

The world's best paddlers showed on the Prague riverside again.

The sixth year of the exhibition competitions ČEZ PRAGUE RIVERSIDE CROSS 2019 took place on the Prague riverbank again. The world leading paddlers have once again demonstrated their extraordinary skill. The race was not only about paddling but also about versatility.

A fifty-meter long course with slalom gates awaited the participants. At the end of the track, the racers had to throw a ball at the polo goal, and trust us, aiming at a goal from a kayak isn't easy.

At the start there were world paddlers, and also athletes that you would not expect kayaking, such as Kateřina Neumannová, Kryštof Krýzl, Tomáš Kraus, Klára Kolouchová and Andrea Hlaváčková.

In addition to kayakers and canoeists, some of the best paddleboarders have made a real show.

Crowds of fans watched the races and really enjoyed the event.