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Elektromobil vs. elite rower

What is faster? An electric car on land or a world class rower on the water?

An unconventional race took place on Friday, September 6 in Prague. Modern technology and human strength measured their strengths here.

The route of both competitors was different, and that was what made the race unique. The Škoda CITIGOe iV electric car raced on land, and was to pass through Prague from Císařská louka to the slalom canal in Troja. The water part of the race was awaiting our elite skiff and five-time world champion, Ondřej Synek, who had twelve kilometers of the Vltava river from Dukla to the canal in Troja ahead of him.

Neither of the competitors completed the race without a problem. Ondřej Synek got delayed on the locks and then had to overcome the weir at Charles Bridge, where there were water whirls. However, the electric car got stuck in a traffic jam, and so the race was fair.

The duel was tight, but in the end the electric car won by three minutes. Ondřej Synek pointed out that if he knew he had not had so much time, he could have rowed faster. On the other hand, he enjoyed the race very much and even managed to enjoy the views of the surroundings of the river.