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Boat lift on Orlík out of service

Due to the decreasing water level the operation of the ship lift will be interrupted in the near future

The dry season took its toll and despite the rainy weather in recent days, the level of the Vltava river is still falling. The lack of water is mainly felt by the Orlík reservoir.

Due to the decreasing water level the ship lift is expected to end its service. The exact end date is not yet known, but is expected to be in the week of 26-31 August. The situation can only be affected by weather changes and storm water. The water level limit for traffic is set at 345.6 meters above sea level. If the level does not fall below the set minimum, the lift will continue to operate until the end of September.

The boat lift is very busy during the season with vacationers and rental boats. The maximum size of the vessel is fixed at 3.5 tonnes with a length of 8.5 meters.