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A day for the forest restoration

Come and plant a tree in the "new forest" and expand your knowledge of forestry.

Forests of the Czech Republic hold a Day for Forest Restoration on 19 October. The event will take place in several places in the Czech Republic at the same time. Near the Vltava River, one of the events takes place at Kleť.

A day for forest restoration is not just about planting. You will learn a lot of information about the hard work of foresters and see the logging by horses. An educational program for children will be prepared in a fun way. 

What is a "new forest"?

It is a forest that is varied in species (more varied than before). Each species has a different growth dynamics, so a multi-storey vegetation is created. Such a forest retains its microclimate very well even at higher ambient temperatures. Gradually, the natural and air raids renew the shrub and herb floor. These floors provide shelter and food for forest animals and provide enough moisture for tree roots. 

The event is scheduled to start at 10 am. 


Paved area in the forest, which immediately follows the Krásetín parking lot. Parking will be free for participants. 


For planting, we recommend solid shoes, warm clothing and good mood. 

All necessary tools will be available on site.

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