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A bell was installed on Kleť

The bell on Kleť peak commemorates the anniversary of 30 years of freedom.

Last week a bell was installed at the top of Kleť to commemorate the anniversary of 30 years of freedom. The bell weighs an impressive 780 kilograms and its diameter is 105 centimeters. The big bell replaced the small bell tower.

Originally the bell was made for the Church of St. Havel in Prague. Unfortunately the bell was not made according to specifications. The lettering on the bell was supposed to be recessed, but it was raised on the bell. The bell-makers therefore made a new bell and never used this one. Originally, the bell was to be stored in the bell museum. It was bought out from there by Ladislav Faktor and architect Petr Heteš created a bell tower for the bell.

An electric device is installed on the bell to ring regularly. Many of Kleť's lovers came to see the bell hanging. They were not discouraged by the cold weather and freshly fallen snow.